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Journal History

W.I.T.C.H. Nostalgia Trip + Contest

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 9, 2014, 3:17 AM
The Group W-I-T-C-H-Universe is holding an Elyon contest with great prizes! I found out about that accidentally while looking for Groups for my newest sketch aaand I decided that I may join too, why not?

Weekly Sketch #5: Elyon by 16thSquadSanseki

And now the nostalgia triiiip!

Yes, I used to read W.I.T.C.H., the comics by Italian author Elisabetta Gnone. And Elyon was what (or who) got me to read it in the first place, the scenes I remember the most are Elyon walking into a wall creepy way (that got me interested), her being bored in Phobos' palace, her becoming the Sun of Meridian and the special backstory chapter with her and Cornelia. So yeah, I guess you could say she was my favourite character.

My favourite witch was Hay Lin, apparently I always had a thing for Asia :XD: or maybe she was just the most... normal :o. Now that I think about it, she's my type of character: a bit of a weirdo with her own style, artist, loving the tradition but also the new stuff, uncommon interest (her - UFO, me - games, especially SC) and more.

But what's even more nostalgic is the fact that I started learning to draw on W.I.T.C.H. comics. Of course I made some doodles as a kid but I remember how I tried to copy some panels or how I started adding the eyes similar to Will's to my drawings. I even took one of the characters and drew my own comics. After that, I took a break and came back to drawing in 2010 when I started to draw Bleach fanarts. But still, I think you can consider it the beginning of my adventure with "learning to art".

Big Lazy Cat Divider by IridescentStardust

I didn't read it till the end though. In my country it was a biweekly magazine - comics + quizzes, "magic" games, witch fashion articles etc. At the beginning it was decently interesting (though I was collecting it just for the comics anyway) but in time it was becoming more and more childish, in the end I was reading only comics and didn't even bother with the rest at all. It felt as if they changed the target from teenagers to preschool/early elementary school. Or maybe I just grew out of it, I can't tell. I could have bought volumes but I didn't know much about it back then and usually when I have to wait long for next chapter, I tend to forget about it. The story didn't keep my attention so much anymore either, as it often happens, the first/second arc is usually the best and then it starts to drag. I also felt like with time it was more and more awkward around peers as well. So at some point I just stopped.

Some time ago I saw the last panel of the comics and I'm considering reading it but I don't remember what I already read and I don't have time for my "to read" list anyway. And before doing this sketch, I looked up some Elyon pics as reference and I found a panel of her with a sword and I was like "omg, she looks exactly like her mother, you poor girl", so I'm not sure if I want to know ;w; I mean I always liked the fact that she was a queen but she stayed her nice and funny self. But on that panel she looks so serious and responsible for her people, so yeah ;w; If you read the whole thing, say meow in the comments. Thanks. I don't expect many people to read it but I just felt like writing about this one.

P.S. My recent art
As you might have noticed, recently I started to upload some sketches. I still make digital art but I'm not sure if I want to upload it =P And I'm really enjoying the pen sketches atm, so there probably will be more of them. Feel free to suggest me stuff to draw :dummy:

Ideas Forum Feature #8

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 9, 2014, 1:38 AM

Skin by pjuk

In this Journal series I present the Ideas that I think are good and/or interesting and deserve more attention. Under each title I included short description - a quote/summary from the original thread. To see details and possibly upvote the idea, follow the [link] next to the title.

Misc. Group-Related Changes [link]
"I would like to see various improvements to group features, such as:
  1. Give us the option to make group polls member-exclusive. (...)
  2. Add search options to the gallery- in particular, the ability to find all works by a specific artist.
  3. Organize the member list alphabetically in the admin area. (...)
  4. Allow us to organize the order that folders appear in the drop-down menu when submitting. (...)
  5. Custom widgets need to be easier to layout- granted, this is a group and profile thing, but I'd like to be able to apply css to my custom widgets. Without it, they're hardly "custom" and more of a "pain in the ass trying to edit".
  6. And everyone's favorite- Submit to Group. In addition to the 'recently submitted to', I would like an option for 1) Groups we are actually in, and 2) "Favorite" groups- which would be determined possibly in the same means as the "Friends" option on the Manage Friends page. Favorite would be featured primarily, groups we are in would be the second tab, groups we recently submitted to would come third, and type in a group name would go last."

Remove deactivated accounts from watchers list [link]
"As a member for 6 years, I have a lot of deactivated accounts on my watchers list. It's not bothersome but it is strange that they still count towards my 'total watchers' when they aren't a usable account anymore."

I think it should just move the crossed out accounts to the end of the list or something and when you look at your Watchers widget, it would show only active accounts and there should be a button "show inactive accounts", so you or other members can always check that if you want to. So the inactive names would still be there but they wouldn't be displayed by default and wouldn't be included in the watchers count.

Subforums for Suggestions [link]
"To make it easier to a) find out if our idea has already been suggested, and b) find suggestions we would like to vote on... I propose subforums for this forum organized by feature.


Something like that, so it would be easier to find suggestions related to features that we care about."

I think [the original categories] were merged because if I'm not wrong there was less than 10 suggestions for and Writer and like 200 in the general deviantART section.

But the number of suggestions is growing, so I think some kind of categories or at least tags could be useful.

Comments Widget Description [link]
"Many users make note on their profile for people to not thank for llamas or faves or watches... but this notice is not always in a predictable or noticeable place, and can be easily overlooked, much to anyone's frustration. What we should have is a box attached right to the comments widget where we can put a description of rules for commenters- directly above the text field and below the Comments header. That way we can put our comment rules right there where you type, where it can't be overlooked, where no one can say "I didn't see it".

And this should be available for groups as well because damn do they need it too. =)"

I think this could be a good idea. Not just to tell people that you don't want "thanks for faves" but also things like "commissions open" or link to your FAQ because those things often appear in the comments too.

I'd limit the characters though (like 200?) to make it stay informative and not be used as another crazy decoration space.

Previous feature: [link]


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